Small Business Services

As technology becomes cheaper and your business grows, you need to optimize your technology efficiency to make sure you are working smarter not harder. Reach a wider audience and capture their attention with a website and content management system. Capture your transactions and information into a centralized data entry application, that you can integrate into a database to create reports and gain valuable insights about your business and customers. We offer a slew of starter services for businesses that are growing and have a need for data capturing, integration or monitoring.

Website Development  

Extend your company's reach and grow your audience with a website. We can help you from A to Z, everything from getting a domain, to helping you set up and deploy your website .

-Online payments integration

-Site Analytics and SEO features

-Competitive rates, top tier CMS

-Video and Audio functionalities 

-Mobile friendly

-Variety of templates and designs

Data Entry Applications

Keep your business connected and operations flowing with a flexible data input application. We create simple forms and data entry layouts for you and your workforce. Handle billing, payments, invoicing etc.

-Centralize and share information

-Upload receipts and print invoices

-Integrate features and functions

-Export and import data as needed

-Secure and authenticated cloud hosting

-Integrate custom functionalities 

Database and Reporting

Keep your companies data organized with databases and integrate those databases together into a Data Mart or OLAP Cube, to grow valuable insights into your business with reports and alerts.

-Schedule and event based reports

-Reports delivered via email or portal

-Custom designed databases for your needs

-Analyze real time with operational reports

-Historical auditing and backup databases

-Self service/ad hoc reporting available

End to End Data Management Solutions for your Business

California Data Enterprises 

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