Data and Business Intelligence Services

Here at California Data Enterprises, BI & Data our are core competency and passion, we are experts at implementing the below services. Nobody in the industry does it better when it comes delivering and integrating these solutions into your IT infrastructure. We have a solution for all your IT department's data needs, if you do not see a service listed below it does not mean we do not offer it; please email our support team and we will guide you with the appropriate solutions.

Master Data Management & Database Administration

Get your enterprises data centrally managed and administered. All process and procedures are documented and housed internally for user friendly crossover.  Custom built functions make sure every process and data repository is adhered to organizational standards in quality and performance. 

-Database Audits and Statistic Monitoring

-Job and Process Automation 

-Meta Data Allocation and Processing

-Data Quality Assurance (QA) Scripting

-AD Management for Access and Roles

-Data Dictionaries and Mapping Documents

-Intranet Portal to facilitate MDM and DBA 

    Business Intelligence                   & Reporting

Gain insights into your organization by leveraging your data with optimal Business Intelligence systems. Visualization tools and on demand reporting make navigating your companies data landscape efficient and agile. Slice and dice your data to your specific needs and then drill down to the lowest level of granularity.


-Drill Through and Drill Down Reports

-Cascading Parameter Reports

-Linked and Formatted Reports

-Dashboards and KPIs

-Mobile Reports

-Dynamically Scheduled Reports

-Canned and Ad-Hoc Reports

Database Development

         & Integration

Engineer your data to how you see fit;  integrating solutions and applications to expand your data capabilities. Import and export data files for minimal latency across channels and vendors. Forgo the front end and reduce overhead by developing  important business logic within your database scripts.

-Dynamically Programmable SPs and UDFs

-Data file indexing

-Flat File Processing and Integration

-Data extract creation and export

-Data Profiling and Cleansing 

-Source Control Integration for Versioning

-Database Triggers and Cursors

Data Warehousing & ETL

Keep your entire enterprises data organized, centralized and compliant with an optimal data warehouse architecture and efficient ETL process. Capture the desired level of data granularity from multiple sources and integrate them together using Fact and Dimension tables to build out your electronic data warehouse.

-Production support and nightly processing 

-Capturing and archival of SCD types 0,1,2

-In memory data staging available 

-Dynamic indexing and partitioning strategy

-Fail over processing and error handling

-Historical and incremental snapshot design

-COBOL and copybook integration available

   Data Systems Architecture

               & Modeling

Dynamic and competent data models that scale with performance across multiple applications and channels, are paramount to an enterprise's success. Additionally usability needs to be primed for on demand consumption. Our models and architecture are well implemented, allowing operations to run smoothly while keeping data transparent for users and partners. 

-Snowflake and Star Schemas

-Distributed ODS Burst Architecture

-Designed for simple query consumption 

-Rollable data granularity across databases

-API ready for real time data interaction 

-Object Oriented capabilities for robust data

-Minimal data redundancy, efficient design 

    OLAP Cubes & Tabular                Data Structures 

Slice and dice your data from all imaginable angles by creating aggregate data structures on top of your data  warehouse. Create relationships and measures  that roll across various data attributes. Optimize your analytical data hosting and processing with advanced aggregation storage models and technology.

-Fast in memory analytics with Tabular data

-1/10 data compression using Tabular

-Drill data to the lowest level for analysis

-Optimized aggregation storage modes

-Massaged and cleansed data cube sources

-Calculated measures and KPIs built in

-Timely loading and processing of cubes

End to End Data Management Solutions for your Business

California Data Enterprises 

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