Make sure all of your company's data and business intelligence needs are covered; with access to the latest resources in technology and security. From Data Management and Reporting to ETL and Data Warehousing, California Data Enterprises has you covered. We leverage a over decade of experience in Technology Consulting across various domains to make sure your business's data needs are handled securely, efficiently and promptly.

Production Support, 24x7 monitoring of data and back up processing to make sure your business is ready. Instant data availability for real time reporting; gain important insights to grow and manage your business with KPIs and Dashboards. Securely integrate and export data from and to multiple formats. Keep data organized and ready for growth with optimal data architecture.

Business Intelligence and Data Integration

User friendly input and front end business interface solutions available for your employees to utilize and interact with data. Set access security within your organization, keeping exposure minimal. Stay informed on business operations with on the go mobile reporting. Access enterprise reports, documents and procedures centralized with a company Intranet. 

Leverage maximum security and cost efficiency with SaaS and The Cloud. We create a robust and dynamic Data Ecosystem scalable to your companies specific needs. With technology optimization you get top tier system performance at a fraction of the cost and with no strings attached. We partner with the biggest names in the cloud.

 Accessibility and Management

Cloud based IT Solutions




1. Data Entry and Capturing

2. Data Hosting and Retrieval

3. Enterprise Reporting and Data Exchange

Helping you find the right Data solutions.

We work with a variety of vendors and partners to give options when choosing a data platform or service. We implement open source solutions as well as paid licensing solutions depending on your organizational needs. We are well versed with either in a variety of Data Models; dimensional, relational, non-relational, column store, document, multi-dimensional, tabular, graphical and object . 


Cloud Computing


Additional needs? We are the Data Experts, let us Help you

IT Staffing & Hiring Support- We provide top level IT contractors for all your company's database development needs. From Business Intelligence, Database Administration, Data Engineering, Reporting or ETL development we will have you covered. All of our associates have development experience and training with the latest and most conventional database and business intelligence technologies. Additionally we also provide hiring support to help you screen technically capable candidates for your IT Department's needs.


Corporate Training- Need to provide training to your employees on the latest version of your new database software? Or how to develop reports using your enterprise reporting tools? No worries we got you covered. We provide comprehensive database and business intelleigence training modules, on site or remote, for your staff and resources.


Websites & Data Capturing Applications- California Data Enterprises offers a number of IT services for small business. We create functional company websites and data entry/input business applications that link directly to a real time database for monitoring using reports accessible straight from your mobile phone. Make sure your company's IT strategy is presentable, organized and resourceful to help grow profits. 

End to End Data Management Solutions for your Business

California Data Enterprises 

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